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Welcome to Mobile Dog Wash Perth WA

After some mobile dog washing for your favourite paw pal?<>

Mobile Dog Wash Perth WA

 are your first choice mobile dog washers for your best friend(s). Let’s face it, who doesn’t love having a dog in their home? Not many people, let us tell you.

Dogs are loved and cared for by everyone

They therefore, deserve a lot of attention, not only in their play time and feeding but also great attention to their hygiene and overall wellbeing.

Dogs are the most trustworthy creature on the planet. They are an animal who will never leave your side no matter what, always being with you and helping you out however they can.

With this in mind, shouldn’t you return the favour and help your dog out by giving them a super wash that they deserve? We certainly think so!

Look after your dog on the inside and out

Well, Mobile Dog Wash Perth WA can do just that. We understand that dogs just like human beings should be taken proper care of on the inside and on the outside.

One should not only give them a proper nutritious diet to have them grow up strong, but they should also be cleaned properly, to have them healthy and happy on the outside.

Bathing/washing/cleaning should frequently be done, as unclean pets can spread germs and viruses that may lead to many problems, including leaving your best friend in discomfort.

We treat your dog with the luxury they deserve

Therefore, proper washing is not only really important to ensure a good healthy life of your pal and their surroundings but they too deserve special pampering just like we human beings receive.

Perth is fortunate enough to have a special pampering service for dogs which cleans them fantastically and you have found that right here at Mobile Dog Wash Perth WA.

We are committed to providing, polite, pristine and professional services so that you and your dog receives the very best treatment and the love you deserve.

Comprehensive dog wash service

Mobile Dog Washing Perth WA will treat your pet as if they were our own. We efficiently operate a mobile pet washing service that provides you with a convenient, reliable and cost-effective opportunity.

All of this guarantees to maintain your dogs�health and well-being, having them look great, feel great and of course smell great.

Our mobile dog wash service includes: Brushing to loosen any dirt, specialist shampoo treatment washing and flea rinse conditioner. Gentle eye and ears cleaning, precision nail trimming, and towel and/or blow drying depending on your needs.

Hydrobath heroes

We don’t just boast about how good we are because we can, we boast about how good we are based on the level of expertise, care and equipment we use.

We use the latest hydrobath equipment guaranteed to produce amazing results.

So how does it work?

A hydrobath is basically the combination of a bathtub with a power bather using a tub and a recirculation pump. This pump produces great levels of water and shampoo mixture that will get into the thickest of coats and remove the toughest of dirt.

A hydrobath is also great for the environment as it saves water over traditional washing as water is reused through the recirculation pump.

The use of warm fresh water can help prevent your pal from arthritis thanks to the beneficial massaging effect the hydrobath produces.

What do we need for your dogs clean?

All that is needed is a hose connection tap, a power point and somewhere to park our dog wash van. We will then set up our bath outside of our van, and ensure your dog is as comfortable as can be.

We will strap your pal in so that they are not able to jump out and potentially hurt themselves or cause a monstrous mess from the water and shampoo.

The perfect process

We always kick things off with a thorough brush of the coat to remove any loose dirt, prickles and grass.

Then using a shampoo of your selection (we have many including Flea Wash) we massage the cleaning solution into the dogs fur and skin with the aid of the hydrobath.

After shampooing, your dog is rinsed with fresh warm water to remove all shampoo, and then followed with some dog conditioner which will leave your dog’s hair smooth and shiny.

Once complete, the use of clean and fresh towels will be used to remove excess water and after a fragrant spray is applied, another towel dry will be carried out to make them as dry as possible.

If you wish for us to do so, we can also blow dry for an additional fee so that your four legged friend is immediately dry and free to roam.

Your dog will feel amazing

Lastly but certainly not least. A doggy treat after every wash will be provided for your pal. As humans we like to be rewarded after we have completed something significant and we feel it is only fair if your dog receives the same.

Our special treatment will make your dog or dogs feel great and will have them be more comfortable, and cause less of a mess in your home. So make your dog as happy as can be with Perth’s leading mobile dog wash treatment.

Suitable for all dogs

We are proud to say that our services are just like that old collar, a perfect fit for any and all dogs.

Regardless of their breed, their shape or their size, we will have them clean. This also includes whether your dog is your everyday domestic house-dog, or something more advanced like a dog that is specially trained for the army, or for sniffing.

Our dog washing services are the perfect paw pal fit. No matter their size, their shape, their coat or colour, we cater to and enjoy washing all.

Pamper them perfectly

We believe that dogs truly are the best pets, our best friends and often our best security one can have in their life.

Give your four legged hairy friend the best dog wash they can possibly receive from us here Mobile Dog Washing Perth WA. We guarantee you or at least your dog will return.

Happy Testimonials

My dog looks, feels and smells amazing. I definitely recommend the guys at Mobile Dog Wash Perth WA to give your best friend the treatment they deserve.

Diane Kelsall

The staff from Mobile Dog Wash Perth WA were extremely friendly and professional. I felt very comfortable allowing them to wash my dog.

Alise Walton

I’ve been using these guys for a while now and they have not once let me or my pal down. The Mobile service just makes it extremely convenient and there is no trade off on quality.

Gary O’Connor

I can easily say that you guys are experts in the dog wash and grooming industry. I have certainly received a lot less for more, but I am very satisfied with your attention to detail and overall finish.

Tracey Warner

My dog Tyson looks and smells great. As an outdoor dog I’ve always struggled to keep him clean, but with the mobile service it is no problem at all.

Michael Price

Recommend Mobile Dog Wash Perth WA for all of your dog wash and grooming needs. Not once have I been disappointed with the quality of service

Laura Maitre

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